Personalisation and Tuning

Professionals routinely switch their racquets during changeovers and between ball changes. As such, it's imperative that all racquets are matched 100% to deliver the desired performance.


As an ERSA Master Racquet Technician, I offer precisely this service to both the hardcore fanatic and the every day enthusiast. All racquets can be identically matched specification wise and/or modified to the customers needs. All racquets can be customised with altering the weight, balance, swing weight, handle shape and of course the individuals string set-ups. 


Additionally, if you'd prefer some cosmetic alterations to your racquet, either to distinguish it from the rest or to hide the racquets identity as for sponsorship agreements, your racquet can be totally blacked out in either gloss or satin paint. There is also, however, the possibility to spray any colour or design of your choice.


If needed, players can further refine their racquet set-ups during an on court hitting session. Furthermore, upon customer request, racquets can be picked up for service and delivered to you directly. 

For more details, please contact me directly by clicking here to place an order. 


Modifying racquets in regards to

swing weight, balance and

static weight.

Matching & Tuning

Recommendation on string types, tension and stringing dynamic string tension measurement (DST) 


Removal of original paint, and replaced with unique respray.

Grip Moulding & Extension

Replacement of standard grip mould with custom grip mould and length of your choice.