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A Lifelong Student Of The Game

Heiner's highly regarded coaching experience spanning 30 years is supported by internationally recognised qualifications in Germany, the United Kingdom and Australia.

Our Philosophy
Sustainable Success

New Zone Tennis attributes success to four simple core principles:

  • Recognition that success not only includes superior technical and tactical development, but also achievement of personal goals, enduring passion for the sport and fundamental character development traits such as bravery, resilience and perseverance.


  • A grounding in ethical values; respect, honesty, fairness and sportsmanship.


  • High performance and optimal health targets are integral parts of the tennis program. Through personal experience and observation, I've witnessed professional careers compromised in favour of short term outcomes. 


  • Bringing out the best in every athlete must be a rewarding partnership for both player and coach.


  • State Certified Instructor

       (VDT - Germany)

  • High Performance Coach

       (LTA - United Kingdom)


       (ATP certified)

  • Talent Development Coach and Education Facilitator

       (2013-2015 - Tennis Australia)

My Skillset:

  • A passion for teaching and a love of the game.

  • Ability to listen, advise and mentor.

  • High level Tennis performance skills.

  • A focused approach with attention to detail.

  • Awareness of the evolutionary nature of Tennis and Sports Science.

  • Strong knowledge and ability to teach modern technique, strategy and mental development.


  • Essential strength and conditioning for Tennis players.

  • A collective understanding of the challenges encountered when working with young athletes ongoing developmental phases and individual learning styles.

  • Ability to connect, with, and improve young aspiring players seeking excellence.

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